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My future school today!

My School (Моя Школа) – information platform for schools in Ukraine

My School is an electronic information system for school with diary functions

About the product

We are the authors of the most popular electronic information system for school with diary functions in Lithuania which is used in seven out of ten schools. We are providing the product as Software as a Service for Ukraine with the name My School (Моя Школа). The system is much more than electronic diary – it is an environment in which pupils, teachers and parents may readily receive and exchange information on the education of children and the processes taking place in the school. My School (Моя Школа) provides expedient and real time information on educational outcomes, and compare them on a class, school, region or a country level.

The product was first introduced in 2008. Today the platform is used by more than 280,000 pupils, 240,000 parents and 29,000 teachers in Lithuania.

The diary we have developed is a comprehensive account of the school’s activities, achievements and attendance rates. A cooperative and inquisitive team of NEVDA is open to your ideas, proposed changes and is committed to elaborate on the diary in order to bring the system closer to the needs of every school.

The system for the school and teachers has

  • The highest standard of protection for school data

  • The broadest set of reports (in PDF, Excel and Word format)

  • A convenient community discussion forum with

  • Internal communications

  • Flexible survey modules

  • Grade recording and lesson attendance monitoring

  • Lesson time-tables

  • Home assignments

  • Curriculum development

  • Library

  • Analytics and reports

The system for parents and schoolchildren has

  • Real-time assessments for grading and lesson attendance information

  • Lesson time-tables

  • Home assignments

  • Internal communications

  • Presentation of teaching material and homework assignments

  • A broad set of reports

  • The highest standard of protection for school data and reliable technical infrastructure

Key features


In Lithuania the diary is used by seven out of ten schools, and eight out of ten teachers.


All data is stored using the highest security standards and periodically making back-up


For unauthorized persons it is impossible to delete, amend or modify the data


The software’s environment is readily understandable both for primary school children and parents.


The software’s environment facilitates exchange of information about the school community activities.


The diary is adapted to be used on computers, tablets or mobile phones.


If necessary, the software may be expanded upon with additional functions facilitating control of pupil’s attendance, the wallet, library usage, transportation and other services.

Use cases

“The advent of new technologies into the school helped to simplify a number of work, which early took a lot of time and effort. The electronic diary is also a very good technological solution. Teachers can maintain direct contact with pupils and their parents. And it is really very important. We are glad that at our school all teachers accepted the system happily and quite quickly learned how to use it. It was true that older colleagues needed some time, but now everyone is already accustomed to this service. ”

Laima Skabickienė
Teacher of the Lithuanian language at Mažeikiai Merkelio Račkausko Gymnasium

“Information system for school is the most functional and most suitable solution for our gymnasium needs. Now, no one teacher would want to go back to the old paper diary system. Especially because it allows you to easily create various mobile groups. In addition, the System simplifies work. For example, a class teacher had to review the stacks of different diaries from time to time. Not only did it take a long time, but sometimes mistakes were made in such work. Now they’re gone. Because of electronic diary it also makes easier to prepare a variety of reports, which makes teachers less stressed.”

Laima Dyburienė
Deputy Director of Panevėžys Juozas Balčikonis Gymnasium

“The choice of electronic diary was in line with all expectations. We used paper and electronic diary for the first year. After that, we abandoned the traditional paper based diaries. Over time, everyone is accustomed to using the electronic diary version and is delighted.”

Vilija Klimavičienė
Director of Vilnius Gabija Gymnasium