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Privacy Policy


1.1. The website accessible to the public at (hereinafter referred to as NEVDA.EU) is owned by UAB NEVDA, number at the Register of Legal Persons: 121931451, registered address: Vilnius City Municipality, Vilnius City, Savanorių pr. 178F.

1.2. The contents on NEVDA.EU (any text, visual, audio and other material published by NEVDA.EU) are intended solely for the personal use of the NEVDA.EU user (reader). The contents on NEVDA.EU may be used, without a prior consent of UAB NEVDA, solely for non-commercial purposes, whether direct or indirect.

1.3. Any information provided on NEVDA.EU is intended for information purposes only.

1.4. UAB NEVDA shall be under no obligation to rectify the deficiencies identified in the information or to complete any missing data, unless the laws and legislation applicable in the Republic of Lithuania impose this by imperative.

1.5. UAB NEVDA reserves the right to modify or delete, at any time, the information on NEVDA.EU.


2.1. The contents on NEVDA.EU include: copyright objects, objects subject to intellectual property rights, etc., including but not limited to articles, comments, reviews, software, photos, video material and audio material (hereinafter referred to as the Contents). UAB NEVDA holds all exclusive economic copyrights to the Contents, unless provided otherwise.

2.2. Without a prior consent of UAB NEVDA, it shall be prohibited to perform the following actions in relation to any material on NEVDA.EU: (a) reproduction in any form or by any means, (b) publication or translation, (c) adaptation, arrangement, dramatization or other transformation, (d) distribution of copies by sale, rental, lending or by any other transfer of ownership or possession; (e) public performance in any form or by any means; (f) broadcasting, retransmission or communication to the public in any other way, including making available to the public over computer networks (online).

2.3. Any use of any material on NEVDA.EU without a prior authorisation of UAB NEVDA shall be considered illegal, with the exception of cases specifically provided for in the present Terms of Use.

2.4. In cases where UAB NEVDA grants the right to publish the material from NEVDA.EU, it must not contain any modifications, unless expressly stated otherwise in each individual case.

2.5. In cases where UAB NEVDA grants the right to publish the material from NEVDA.EU, it must state that the copyright holder of this material is UAB NEVDA and that the source of such material is NEVDA.EU.

2.6. Without a prior written consent of UAB NEVDA, reproduction of the website, whether in full or in part, in any form and by any means, translation thereof into other languages, adaptation, arrangement and other transformation thereof shall be prohibited. It shall also be prohibited to use any marks or signs on the website by any means or in any form prohibited under the Law on Trade Marks of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Competition of the Republic of Lithuania Law and other legislation.

2.7. Any trademarks of goods and services and other signs on NEVDA.EU shall be exclusively owned by owners of these trademarks and signs of goods and services.


3.1. UAB NEVDA does not collect or store any personal data of the NEVDA.EU users. Please be advised that cookies do not give us access to your computer and they may not retrieve any information stored on your hard disk. Where necessary, you can always disable cookies on your computer by changing your browser settings.

3.2. NEVDA.EU cookies are used for statistical purposes to assess the traffic to the website and the response to individual headings or articles and to carry out statistical research. In addition, cookies are used for advertising on third-party websites. NEVDA.EU users (visitors) shall be prohibited from: Illustrative bullet list:

  • distributing or disseminating information, which:
  • incites change of the constitutional order of the Republic of Lithuania through the use of force;
  • instigates attempts against the sovereignty of the Republic of Lithuania, its territorial integrity and political independence;

3.3. The website contains links to websites owned by other people, companies, bodies or organisations. UAB NEVDA is not responsible for the contents on such websites.