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Data transfers to the electronic archives of the Republic of Lithuania

Since 2011, Lithuania has had the Electronic Archive Information System (hereinafter the EAIS) in place. The development of the EAIS was initiated and implemented by the Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania, as part of a project called “Development of an electronic archive infrastructure” funded by the European Union.

The development of the system was driven by the invariably increasing amounts of information contained in documents, registers and on information systems, as well as the rising storage costs for the so-called “hard copies” and the need for a uniform search system for the information part of the National Document Fund (NDF).

The development of the EAIS enabled the transferring of electronic documents to the state archives for storage through information technologies, as well as arranging for the reliable storage thereof and providing the following electronic services: access to the electronic documents part of the NDF, searching for information on those documents and its presentation to users.

The integrated Deka Office and EAIS solution allows over 1,500 of Lithuanian authorities to align their archiving policies with the supervising archive in an accountable manner, and to transfer electronic documents that are to be retained for a long period of time and on a permanent basis to the Lithuanian Central Archives for long-term storage.

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