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Integration with the National eDelivery Information System in Lithuania

Web-based system allows to plan direction the organization wants to head; this process may involve developing a short and long term strategic philosophy and setting goals according indicators. Moreover the system allows forecast of all income and expenses, and helps to identify future financial needs.

The eDelivery service ensures that the authenticity of outgoing electronic documents and messages is confirmed, that they are secure and that the status of each stage is recorded accurately. Advantages of the National eDelivery System:

  • Documents, certificates, etc., can be submitted and received without leaving one’s home or office.
  • The data is recorded in real time; thus, the submission takes place very quickly.
  • The data is encrypted; hence, it is transmitted and stored securely.
  • Any documents to be sent using the system may be signed electronically.
  • The system allows the recipients to significantly reduce the number of undelivered letters.
  • The system can be accessed by all authorities, business enterprises and residents of the Republic of Lithuania.

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